For those who aren’t familiar with the Smart Job Search system or haven’t downloaded our free Dream Job Toolkit course, you might not be aware that LinkedIn is an extremely important tool for landing your next position.

Even if you’re not ready to learn our game-changing system, it’s going to benefit you immensely to learn and implement the privacy search mode on LinkedIn.

But first, let’s explain the number one reason why you’d want to bother to make your searches private!

 The internet is a very, very small place. I’m not just saying that to prove a point—I’ve see this proven more times that I can count.

Here’s an example.
Let’s say you currently work at MailChimp as a Sales Coordinator. You like it there, but you’d prefer to be working at a larger corporation, let’s say, Constant Contact. Using the tactics we teach you in Smart Job Search or in our free course, you start using LinkedIn in your job search, some of which includes looking at potential colleagues, hiring managers or bosses on LinkedIn.

And here’s where the trouble starts: you’re searching for and viewing people’s profiles who work for Constant Contact on LinkedIn publically— meaning everyone can see you doing this. Because the world is small and many people know one another in the same industry, you just so happen to (unknowingly) look at your boss’s best friend who works at Constant Contact. And…maybe you look at her profile more than once.

Unbeknownst to you, this sets off a chain of events which you probably could not have predicted.

Behind the scenes, that Constant Contact “best friend” is messaging your boss saying…”Hey…looks like your sales coordinator is peeking around for opportunities.”

I know this might sound unlikely, but trust me, it happens everyday.

At best, this will tip your boss off that you’re on the look-out for something better. At worst, he’s going to call you into his office and ask you if you have anything you need to talk about. And if you were unhappy at work, causing your projects or attitude to suffer? Well, your boss discovering your snooping ways might just make him decide to fire you.

And that, Smart Job Seekers, is why you need to put your profile on privacy mode. This is how you do it, step-by step.